U-he Repro Presets and Midi Parameters in Live

U-he Repro Midi Parameter Banks in Push

U-he Repro Presets in Push

About Ableton Push VST Racks

Its 3.99 euro + VAT for a rack. Send me a request by Email, i will then send you and invoice from PayPal where you can pay with Card or just PayPal. After payment i will send you the download link. Contact Email adress is in Push Racks and Contact.

You agree to own a legitimate version with a license of both the Plug-ins and Ableton Live, when ordering Push VST Racks.  There are links to all the VST makers in the Push racks section, where you can buy or try the Plug-ins that will work with the Racks.

All Push Preset Racks are made specific for Push. Its Ableton instrument racks.adg files, they also work with Touchable Pro in the same way as on Push, and you can set them up quick and easy with many other Midi controllers too. All preset banks are made for easy Preset browsing, and for easy tweaking the plug-ins parameters using Push only, no more mousing and looking at your Computer.

There are also a lot of direct Downlads for free vsts and free Push racks in the Free Downloads section were you can try for yourself how they work before buying. How to install the Vst Racks is at the bottom.


How the racks work (without sound)

How to install and use the Push Racks:

Unpack with ex Winrar for PC, or The Unarchiver for Mac, there are tons of tools for unpacking, use whatever tool you want. Remember to install and run your plugins as VST not Au.

For PC users, first Take the folder (ex.Massive) put it hereDocuments/Ableton/User library/Presets/Instruments/instrument racks/ (ex.Massive)

Effect racks: Documents/Ableton/User library/Presets/Audio Effects/ Audio Effect Rack

For Mac users take the folder to Instrument Rack : HD/ Users/ Username/ Music/Ableton/User library/Presets/Instruments/ Instrument Rack.

Midi Mappings:

All Push racks are made with an easy and obvious midi mappings, there is no mappings blending in 2 banks for example ADSR or OSC are beside each other in one bank. Normally the filters are the first mappings. When you have found a preset, with Push, you will see 8 empty macros, then press the device name, and you will see the first 8 midi mapped parameters, press device again, and you will see all the midi mapped banks, with all its parameters.

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